BILDUNG #2 (BELL), 2017

Giovanni De Francesco

£1200 + VAT

The term BILDUNG has two meanings: in German language it means what has already been produced and what is in the process of being produced. Creative process for this series of work starts from observation of things and alchemy of materials that compose those things and tries to find other interpretations and meanings, working on ambiguity to create a sort of visual blunder. In the BILDUNG series the plaster, concrete, wood, glass and resin sculptures play with the object-funnel imitating its shape but denying its real function, in those new productions every sculpture changes the object function that it represents.

Made in collaboration with Cassone.

Edition of 8

Material: Macigno

Dimensions: ø 14 x H 35 cm

Exclusive to SEEDS••

By the same designer