Marco Campardo

£900 + VAT

‘Bullnose’ is a solid wooden chair made of European ash. It’s a formal exercise derived from the desire to make a chair based on the same modular section: a rectangle with smooth edges, a bullnose. Four variations of the module were used to create the chair. Working with a myopic stubbornness, the designer was determined to create a comfortable chair without any curvature even though our body is organic. Finished with ‘olio di gomito’ (elbow grease), solid virgin amber wax and pigment, to exalt and celebrate the endless beauty of nature, this is an effort to match nature with culture. As David Hockey says: “You can’t get bored of nature, can you?”.

Bespoke sizes and paint colours upon request.

Material: solid European ash, solid virgin amber wax, vegetable turpentine extracted from pine buds, natural pigments

Dimensions: W 46 x D 48.5 x H 77 cm

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