Eusebio Sánchez

£3000 + VAT

Eusebio Sánchez creates coil built sculptures, choosing to expose the coil; a process of hand building that is often hidden in ceramic work. Sánchez, however, champions this process as he celebrates the history of craft and ceramics. He finds inspiration in the first primitive objects made of clay from the  ‘Jomon’ period in Japan, while his approach to making is influenced by the Bauhaus.

Eusebio Sánchez uses the coil as a way of drawing, in the same way as a draughtsman use a pencil. The title of one of his works, ‘Taking a Coil for a Walk’, was inspired by the Paul Klee quote, ‘drawing is taking a line for a walk’. “When I am making a piece of work, I know where I want to start and have a notional idea of how I want it to look. Frequently the work takes me on a material and narrative journey and, as I progress, I make decisions on how to shape the final form, allowing serendipity to happen in the search for a new structural complexity.”


Material: Ceramics

Dimensions: W45 x D20 x H75 cm

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