Marco Campardo

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Elle is a idiosyncratic furniture collection developed as a result of extensive research on the use of metal L-profiles. The starting point of the research was the willingness to use a common, everyday material to question the meaning of “experimentation” that is often emphasised in today’s design practice. Through different combinations, this standardised extrusion is turned into a structural element, forming “invisible”, yet aesthetically revealing, joints. Rather than being made of aluminium, however, the furniture is made of brass — transforming an ordinary, mass-produced element into a sophisticated, bespoke item. The furniture was coated in holographic paint to further emphasise the interplay between standardised production and craftsmanship — where the objects themselves shift between concrete presence and immateriality.
Bespoke sizes and paint colours upon request.
Material: Brass and chameleon paint
Dimensions: L 43 x W 43 x H 76 cm
Made to order

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Lead time: 5 weeks.

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