‘Warped and refinished’ lounge chair (MACHINE GREEN), 2021

Studio Fabius Clovis

£850 + VAT

This product can be made to order in a bespoke version. If you'd like to inquire about a bespoke product, please use the form below to let us know and we'll get in touch to outline the next steps.

‘Warped and Refinished’ collection is new takes on the style from the ‘Pieceful Intuition’ collection. They are made especially for SEEDS Gallery and therefore each one remain unique.

Pepjin’s design takes place by actually making the items right away. “I always sketch in my head, and because I wanted to approach the prototypes as a block of stone, I put the basic shapes together and just carved the rest out. This is really an energetic performance where I intensively create the prototype, carve it all and then leave it alone. The next day I will have another look at it and I can feel right away whether it has been a good design. If so, I will find a colour for it and put it on quickly. If I’m still happy then I will make it again, but this time with all the shapes cut out apart from one another, allowing me to properly make a construction.”

Bespoke colour upon request.

Material: Recycled plywood

Dimensions: W 80 x D 80 x H 70 cm

Exclusive to SEEDS••