Jerszy Seymour

Jerszy Seymour (CA & UK, born 1968) is an artist, designer and director and cofounder of the
Dirty Art Department,  a radical masters program in art and design at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. He sees design as the general relationship we have with the built world, the natural world, other people and ourselves, and as much about the inhabitation of the planet as the inhabitation of the mind. Spanning from industrially and post-industrially produced objects, actions, interventions and installations, he defines his work as the creation of situations that seek to expand utopian possibilities defined by the idea of the Non-Gesamt Gesamt Kunstwerk.

In 2021, he created the exhibition ‘Life on Planet Orsimanirana’ at the M&KG Hamburg, together with the Macao Collective in Milan, as a symbolic vision of a world we would want to live in.

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