Onka Allmayer-Beck

Onka Allmayer-Beck (Austria, 1979) is a ceramic artist, illustrator and costume designer living in Vienna. After graduating from Central Saint Martin in fashion design in 2004, she lived and worked in Milan until 2016 as a fashion designer for various brands (Carol Christian Poell, Strenesse, Giorgio Armani). In parallel, Onka began a path as an illustrator leading her closer to the art world. Lately, she has dedicated her career to making ceramics, as well as illustrations, installations and costume designs, notably costumes for Der Rosenkavalier, directed by André Heller in collaboration with Arthur Arbesser at the Berlin State Opera.

Her work has been shown in Vienna, Kunsthalle Feldbach, M.A.X.Museo Chiasso, Schloss Hollenegg, Moscow, Milan, Barcelona and London… She was also part of the 17th Biennale in Siberia 2017 and Vienna Design Week 2019 and London design Week 2021.

Onka’s vessels are wobbly and peculiar in shape, made intuitively using the slab-building technique and glazed in bright colours. There is something animal-like or anthropomorphic about her works, which nonetheless have retained their practical purpose.

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