The Living-Stone is an exploration of contrast between the past and the future, the still and the living, of ancient materials and techniques in a futuristic context. It explores the contrast between the hand crafted and the streamlined, seeking the portrayal of a Post Human Utopia. Inspired and driven by our architectural heritage and by theoretical architects from 60’s and 70’s Radicalism, Agnes Studio imagined the object as the possible evolution of Mesoamerican symbolism in Pre-Columbian architecture and design.

LANA is the second volume of Agnes Studios’s living-stone collection, exploring the use of Momostenango wool in a new context. Momostenango wool is a special high wool from Guatemalan highlands, typically used for rugs and tapestries, Agnes Studio aimed to create a series of furniture that elevates the material as the main element of the object, with curved concentric lines which allows for the wool flow naturally.

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