Somerset House, London

For this edition of Collect, SEEDS is pleased to present a selection of today’s talented ‘makers’ experimenting with materials, techniques and ideas. These designers-makers are pushing the boundaries in exploring new potential in materials and progressing their practices, but beyond that, they present a story, a cultural meaning transcending the logic of functionality and embracing the ecological possibilities, asking questions about the significance of their objects in a world of plenty.

The exhibition presents a range of furniture, objects and artwork. Seven playful and colourful hand-made ceramics by Onka Allmayer-Beck. “George”,a selection of tables of different sizes and shapes using leftover wood from Alpi (an Italian based-veneer company)skilfully crafted by Marco Campardo, whose “Elle” collection, made of solid brass covered with car paint (a project for which he has won the Wallpaper Design Awards) will also be presented.We are also introducing a new body of work by James Shaw titled Wood Metal Plastic, as well as other objects made by the designer using recycled plastic. On show are also glass sculptures hand shaped by Jochen Holz, some crafted as neon lights; a sculpted object in baby pink resin by Sabine Marcelis (designer of the year at the Wallpaper Design Awards) and a bright blue carved aluminium armchair by Soft Baroque. Jesper Skov Madsen is presenting a pair of paintings on a metal canvas that has been hammered and shaped by the artist. Finally,Studio Furthermore is presenting a foam and ceramic experiment “Coloured Porcelain” with three cobalt blue sculpted objects.


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